Five New things about Alpine Adaptive Scholarship Program, Inc. that you didn’t know!

September 12, 2017

A new coat of paint and some new countertops can do wonders for a dull kitchen. Hard to believe we’ve been at this for 6 years and sure enough we decided we needs a new coat of paint. This is exciting news for our followers!



It was a fine name and if you were a skier familiar with the meaning of the word Alpine in skiing it worked well. But, for many the automatic link just wasn’t there so we changed our name to Alpine Adaptive Ski Program! We still provide Scholarships to enrich the lives of those willing to embrace the challenge of adrenalin based winter sports. Same great organization… Same great mission and same great people!



We have been promising this for some time and appreciate everyone’s patience.  At long last we have a new website at AASPGA.ORG … check it out!



We now have an official band…Sumilan featuring talented musicians, Sam Whitfield / Drums
Harris Culley / Guitar, Vocals, Mark Dykes / Bass, Vocals and JT Toro / Guitar.

Formed in the classic city of Athens, GA, and together for almost half a decade, Sumilan has evolved into a sound uniquely their own. Showcased in their studio work and illuminated in their live performance, Sumilan blends prog rock, psychedelic trance, ambiance, and improv, all coalesced with infectious pop minded vocals. Apparent in their newest studio album, En Transit, Sumilan delivers a polished and powerful sound rooted in technique and grown with experience.

Sumilan’s music is the perfect complement to those in helmet earbuds and provides the perfect backdrop to our videos. They are also some pretty cool guys who love what we are doing! Check them out at http://www.sumilan.com



We now have some awesome video to go along with our already very cool gallery. Check it out on the site by exploring our most recent participants! In today’s world video adds a dimension of realism (though the video tends to flatten the steepness of the hill and slow the action. Able bodied or in a chair, it’ll get your mojo going!



People have commented that it is hard to find out how to help encourage our skiers with financial support. So… we have made it easier than ever to contribute your tax exempt contribution. People also want to know how they can get one our really cool t-shirts or other official merchandise. Accordingly, we have arranged for gifts to thank you for your generous contributions. Check out the new site and help our participants realize their dreams of becoming a free skier!


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